SOUND-ABATE – Mass Loaded Vinyl – Acoustical Shielding for Wall Cavities

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Acoustical Shielding
A Mass Loaded Vinyl used in Wall Cavity Applications

sound-abate-acoustical-shielding-wall-cavity-applicationsProduct Attributes:

  • Dampens sound and blocks noise by up to 75%
  • Easy to install—reduces labor and production costs
  • Improves HVAC effeciency
  • Mold and mildew resistant

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Mass Loaded Vinyl manufactured from recycled Acoustical Grade Polymer
  • Roll Dimensions: 4′ x 25′
  • Roll Weight: 1.0 lb/ft² nominal (4.89 Kg M2) @ 0.100″ thickness
  • Minimum STC 25 per ASTM E 90-02 or SAE j1400
  • Flammability rating of class 1 per ASTM E 84 Rev. A, behind minimum 3/8″ drywall
  • No fungal or algal growth and no visible disfigurement per ASTM D3273 and ASTM G 21
  • Thermal Resistance minimum of 0.3 per ASTM C 518
  • Meets acceptance of ASTM E 119 – 08A one hour burn test

Application Instructions

SOUND-ABATE on wood studssound-abate-acoustical-shielding-wall-cavity-applications-2

  1. Place the SOUND-ABATE Mass Loaded Vinyl sheet in position at top of the wall. Align vertical edges over center of studs.
  2. Insert staples along top edge of sheet to hold in place. 3-4 staples per sheet should be sufficient to hold in place.
  3. Allow SOUND-ABATE to unroll along the length of the wall.
  4. Apply additional staples along vertical edge if desired.
  5. For each additional sheet of SOUND-ABATE to be installed repeat the previous procedure.
  6. Note: any seams not centered over studs should be overlapped or taped with industrial tape.
  7. Locate any objects that will require access and simply cut an X access point for each.

SOUND-ABATE on steel studs

For installation of SOUND-ABATE Mass Loaded Vinyl over steel studs simply follow installation procedures for wood studs and replace staple with self tapping flat head metal screws.