SOUND-ABATE – Mass Loaded Vinyl – Acoustical Shielding for Wall Applications

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Acoustical Shielding
A Mass Loaded Vinyl used in Wall Applications

SOUND-ABATE is a mass loaded, limp vinyl sound damping material designed for commercial, industrial, and residential applications to reduce sound transmission.

SOUND-ABATE is designed for installation behind gypsum drywall, finished surfaces to block and dampen sound transmission through the entire sound frequency spectrum.

Place SOUND-ABATE Mass Loaded Vinyl sheet in position at top of the wall. Align vertical edges over center of studs. Insert staples along top edge of sheet to hold in place. Allow SOUND-ABATE to unroll vertically along the length of the wall. Apply additional staples along vertical edge if desired. For each additional sheet of SOUND-ABATE to be installed, repeat the previous procedure. Note: Any seams not centered over studs can be taped with industrial tape. Locate any wall outlet penetrations that will require access and cut an X access point for each. Caulk floor, ceiling, and corner joints before installing drywall.

sound-abate-acoustical-shielding-wall-cavity-applicationsSteel Stud Installation … For installation of SOUND-ABATE Mass Loaded Vinyl sheets over steel studs, follow installation procedures for wood studs and replace staples with self-tapping, flat head metal screws.


  • Dampens sound and blocks noise by up to 75%.
  • Easy to install – reduces labor and production costs.
  • Improves HVAC
  • One layer improves STC rating by 7 in typical wood and steel studded assemblies (16″ o.c., R13 batt insulation, and 5/8″ gypsum drywall)

09 81 00 – Acoustic Insulation
09 81 13 – Acoustic Board Insulation
13 48 00 – Sound, Vibration, and Seismic Control

May help contribute to:
IEQc4 Low Emmitting Materials IEQc10 Mold Prevention
IEQ Prerequisite 3 Acoustic Performance
MRc2 Construction and Demolition Waste Management MRc5 Regional Materials
IDc1 Innovation in Design



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