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PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING is an earth-friendly product which contains recovered and recycled wood fibers. Trapped moisture in exterior walls is caused by condensation and water leaks. This moisture can lead to mold growth and other water related problems. PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING “breathes,” permitting the moisture to escape into the outside air.


PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING is easy to install and cuts with a knife, saving time and money. The product meets or exceeds national and local code requirements, and industry performance standards. The product is used as external sheathing that provides a R-value of 1.44 per ½” (12.7 mm) more than doubling the R-value of OSB and gypsum; and six times more effective than thermo-ply or other foil-faced paperboards. Builders may replace costly OSB and plywood corner bracing with let-in-bracing and PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING. If local code requires OSB or plywood corner bracing, use PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING as the low cost sheathing for the remainder of the wall.



  • Energy saving R-value/reduces long term home and building energy costs
  • Air and moisture breathability/reduces the threat of mold and prevents moisture-related liabilities
  • Perm rating of 23 perms
  • Price stability
  • Installs easily
  • Saves energy with a R-value of 1.44 per ½” (12.7 mm)
  • Available coated on one or integral six sides


1/2″ X 4′ X 8′
*1/2″ X 4 x 9′

*May not be available in all areas – contact customer service for details


  • ASTM C 208, Type IV, Wall sheathing, Grade 1 Regular
  • ASTM C 846 Application for wall sheathing


Install vertically to framing with a 1/8″ gap between adjoining sheets and around door and window openings. PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING must be installed a minimum of 6″ above grade.

If nailing: Attach to studs 16″ maximum o.c. with galvanized roofing nails, 1 1/2″ long, 7/16″ head, spaced 6″ on perimeter and 12″ in field.

If stapling: Attach to studs 16″ maximum o.c. with 16 gauge, corrosion resistant staples, 1 1/4″ leg, minimum 7/16″ crown, spaced 6″ on perimeter and 12″ in field.

Perimeter fasteners should be spaced 3/8″ from edges of sheathing. Center vertical edge joints over studs. Sheathing should cover the sill and run continuous over top plate. Exterior siding must be fastened to studs and not solely into PREMIUM INSULATING SHEATHING.

Store flat, above ground in a location where humidity and temperature duplicates those during installation, allowing the sheathing to reach equilibrium at jobsite conditions prior to installation. Protect from rain prior to installation. House wrap or other water-resistive barrier is required. For best results, apply house wrap or water-resistive barrier same day as sheathing is applied.


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