Single-Ply Roofing System: Re-Roof

Celotex Roofing For Use In:
Single-Ply System: Re-Roof

Used over roof insulation to provide protection to the insulation during installation and service and to enhance the performance of the roofing assemble.

The major advantage of a recover board is the huge cost saving of not having to remove the old roof down to the deck and the disposal fees and the labor associated with that.  The roofer just has to make sure that the old system is not full of water and then sweep off any loose gravel, etc and then apply the board to the top of the old roof and mechanically attach the board through the old system to the original deck.  This gives them a nice new clean substrate to apply the new roofing system.

Cover boards, when applied properly, can mitigate some of the problems associated with the application of built-up, modified bitumen and other hot process roofing such as blistering and ridging of the membrane system, and crushing, melting or delaminating of the facers of the underlying insulation.

  • Commonly referred to as Cover Board
  • Alternative to an all new roof system
  • Installation
    • Remove all existing gravel and debris for smooth surface to prevent damage to the fiberboard and membrane
    • All wet or damaged areas must be repaired
    • Install Structodek and new covering

Standard UL Class A/FM 1-90 Re-Roof, Single-Ply

  1. Metal deck
  2. Existing insulation
  3. Existing roofing assembly
  4. ½” Structodek® HD fiberboard roof board
  5. Mechanically attached, fully adhered, or ballasted single-ply roofing membrane