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Maximize sound deadening power by using SOUNDSTOP® in homes and commercial buildings.

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Acoustical Shielding
A Mass Loaded Vinyl used in Wall Cavity Applications

Product Attributes:

  • Dampens sound and blocks noise by up to 75%
  • Easy to install—reduces labor and production costs
  • Improves HVAC effeciency
  • Mold and mildew resistant

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Mass Loaded Vinyl manufactured from recycled Acoustical Grade Polymer
  • Roll Dimensions: 4′ x 25′
  • Roll Weight: 1.0 lb/ft² nominal (4.89 Kg M2) @ 0.100″ thickness
  • Minimum STC 25 per ASTM E 90-02 or SAE j1400
  • Flammability rating of class 1 per ASTM E 84 Rev. A, behind minimum 3/8″ drywall
  • No fungal or algal growth and no visible disfigurement per ASTM D3273 and ASTM G 21
  • Thermal Resistance minimum of 0.3 per ASTM C 518
  • Meets acceptance of ASTM E 119 – 08A one hour burn test

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Acoustical Shielding
A Mass Loaded Vinyl used in Floor Applications

Product Attributes:

  • May be used under carpet, vinyl, tile, wood, laminate and resilient floorings.
  • Made of highly engineered & recycled polymer-sound abatement material which has been used in the auto industry for 30+ years.
  • STOMP Mass Loaded Vinyl is a minimum of 5 times heavier than other underlayment.
  • Mold and mildew resistant.

Technical Specifications:

  • Surface weight = .75 lb. per sq.ft.
  • Thickness 0.150”
  • Roll Size 3′ x 34′ (102 sq. ft.)
  • Product = Mass Loaded Vinyl EVA Fiber
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Passed G-21 Test (the only underlayment in the industry that passed).
  • Mold and mildew: Tested in accordance with ASTM D 3273-00. Rating = 10 (no growth)
  • Values vary depending upon the assembly. Here are some standard installations.1/2″ engineered hardwood over STOMP on 6″ concrete non-insulated slab: IIC = 46 | STC = 46.1/2″ engineered hardwood over STOMP on wood joist with 1.5″ thick gypsum concrete: IIC = 55 | STC = 538″ concrete slab with insulated acoustical drop ceiling below and laminated hardwood flooring on top: IIC = 58 | STC = 58
  • Meets 1 hour fire resistance floor test complying to ASTM E119-12.

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