At Last, a Single-Ply Coverboard Alternative to Costly Gypsum!

BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD, INC., innovators in Fiber Technology and the manufacturers of CELOTEX™ Branded Fiberboard are proud to introduce:

Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with all Single-Ply Membranes including PVC, TPO, EPDM, and CSPE without the concern of premature membrane degradation & compatibility issues that are often associated with asphalt emulsion coated fiberboard products. Non-asphaltic primer coating.
  • Compatible with Low V.O.C., water based & traditional adhesives as the proprietary, patent pending, non-asphaltic coating possesses unique bonding characteristics that give it superior adhesion capabilities with all current and traditional adhesive technology.
  • Half the cost of many of the current coverboards on the market today. A true value engineering champion…a premium coverboard product offered at approximately half the price of the gypsum and HD polysio coverboards on the market today.
  • Optimal adhesion without excess adhesive absorption. The Primed Red Coating technology allows adhesives and foams to “key” into the STRUCTODEK HD surface while preventing excessive adhesive absorption by allowing the material to form a solid membrane bond while providing optimal square foot per gallon of adhesive coverage.
  • FM & UL APPROVED. STRUCTODEK WITH PRIMED RED COATING is approved in literally thousands of UL Class A Fire Rated Roof Assemblies and also in over 100,000 FM RoofNav Systems with numerous membrane manufacturers.
  • Structurally Rigid & Lightweight offering hail resistance, heavy foot traffic and wheeled load construction protection while at the same time lightweight and often negating requirement to “hand scatter” individual sheets when roof loaded (for roof collapse concerns) as traditionally done with the much heavier gypsum products.
  • Minimal to none – surface tracking when walking back and forth during construction process from the Primed Red Coating surface to a white single-ply membrane. Unlike traditional asphalt emulsion coated fiberboard the Primed Red Coating is asphalt free and will not track black foot prints onto the new white membrane. If any minimal red tracking does occur it can easily be removed with light soap and water and totally negates the need for cleanup with solvents or other chemicals to remove asphaltic footprints & smudges.
  • Fiberglass Free coating as STRUCTODEK HD’s Primed Red Coating contains zero fiberglass thus eliminating the itching an airborne fiberglass particulates typically associated with gypsum coverboard installation.
  • Modified Bitumen Peel & Stick Compatible – In trials Structodek HD with Primed Red Coating has exceeded 1-90 wind uplift with direct application (no additional primer as typically required) with Mod Bit peel and stick application.

And all the benefits of traditional CELOTEX fiberboard, compatible with B.U.R. and other more traditional roofing systems, R-Value 1.3 per ½ , cuts with a utility knife, Green – LEED points available and possess SoundStop sound control technology.

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