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As an insulation board, coverboard or re-roof/recover board, Structodek® High-Density Roofing Board is the answer for low-slope applications and systems.

Celotex Roofing PDF Data Sheet | SDS / Guide Specs

Celotex Structodek HD

Structodek HD is not only an integral roofing system component; it also makes roofing easier with physical properties that generate structural rigidity and dimensional stability.

The fiberboard composition of Structodek HD possesses natural bonding qualities, resulting in superior adhesion capabilities. Adhesive tightly grasps the fibers of Structodek HD without causing excess absorption, providing a solid and secure roof system which bonds very well with many asphalt, coal tar, and cold process adhesive products.

The lightweight nature of Structodek HD is better than heavier alternatives and will keep the roof load below the specified maximum weight.

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Structodek HD Product Offerings Chart
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Structodek HD Approvals List

Structodek HD general product properties:

  • All board thicknesses have a ≤ 7% water absorption value (7% max per ASTM C208
  • All board thicknesses have been approved as components in UL Class A Systems (consult UL Guide for approvals)
  • All board thicknesses have been approved as components of 1-60 and 1-90 systems per FMCR Standard 4450/4470 (see FM Guide for approvals)
  • Structodek HD is available in coated one-side to reduce asphalt bitumen absorption as well as coated six-sides, providing maximum protection on all exposed surfaces.

Meets the needs of today’s professional

Available in a variety of thicknesses, coating coverage options and panel sizes, Structodek HD meets the needs of today’s roofing professional.

Benefits of Structodek HD include:

  • Approved in UL Class A rated roof systems
  • Structurally rigid and dimensionally stable board easily handles heavy foot traffic and wheeled loads
  • Superior adhesion without excess absorption
  • Contributes to thermal insulation with R-values ranging from 1.3 to 5.0
  • Lightweight and easy to install, without the irritating fiberglass dust of glass mat faced gypsum board
  • Easily handles hot asphalt, non-blistering
  • Cuts with a standard utility knife

Systems in which Structodek HD is approved:

  • Single-ply (thermoplastic/elastomeric)
  • Modified bitumen (cold/hot mopped)
  • Built-up roofing systems (asphalt/coal tar)
  • Hybrid systems
  • Self adhered
  • Spray foam (SPUR)
  • Liquid membranes

Structodek HD Documentation:

Celotex Roofing PDF Data Sheet

Celotex Roofing PDF SDS Sheet

Celotex Roofing PDF Approvals List

Celotex Roofing PDF Guide Specs

Celotex Roofing PDF STRUCTODEK HD Brochure