VoicesConnect: Soundproofing Case Study



Debbie Kutch, professional voice actress, coach, and sole proprietor of VoicesConnect, was in need of an in-house soundproof studio space where she could record voice overs, television and radio dialog, e-learning modules, documentaries, and other voice tracks. Debbie needed to find the perfect sound dampening solution to transform her noisy downstairs living space into her dream studio.

Prior to the renovation, I used to hear my husband above me, birds chirping outside, and airport noises while I was recording. Now I hear nothing," says Debbie Kutch.


Thanks to a recommendation from a colleague, Debbie reached out to BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD to solve the noise-related nuisances that were inhibiting her work. Debbie was looking to remodel her master bedroom, bathroom, and exercise space to incorporate a new, cutting-edge sound recording facility into her home.

With the help of SOUNDSTOP sound deadening fiberboard, STOMP mass loaded vinyl acoustical shielding for flooring applications, and SOUND-ABATE mass loaded vinyl acoustical shielding for wall applications from BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD, Debbie's previously disruptive work space is now practical, efficient, and most importantly, quiet.

I absolutely love it! I couldn't ask for anything more. Now I really, truly feel like I have a professional, custom studio for my voice overs." VoicesConnect.com

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