RENOVATION – Mass Loaded Vinyl – Acoustical Shielding for Retrofit Wall Applications

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Acoustical Shielding
A Mass Loaded Vinyl used in Retrofit Wall Applications

Product Attributes:renovation-Acoustical-Shielding-Retrofit-Wall-Applications

  • Installs easily with an adhesive, like wallpaper
  • Acts as a sound, air and moisture barrier
  • Meets interior smoke and fire standards

Technical Specifications

  • Roll Weight = 101 LBS
  • Thickness = .125″
  • Roll Size = 4′ x 30′  / 120 square feet
  • Product = Mass Loaded Vinyl EVA
  • R Value = > .3
  • Flame Spread = 5 Class A
  • Smoke Developed Index = 5 Class A
  • Passed ASTM E 84 Fire & Smoke Test
  • Tested in accordance w/ ASTM D 3273-00 (2005)

Installation Instructionsrenovation-Acoustical-Shielding-Retrofit-Wall-Applications-2

  • Measure the wall height so the material can be precut for vertical application. Sheets are to be cut approximately 1/2″ short in length.
  • Rollup each sheet with the black side facing out.
  • Establish a plumb line approximately 4′ from a corner, along which the first sheet will be installed.
  • Apply adhesive
    • Trowel adhesive-Premium vinyl floor adhesive, (Stick N Stay-Lowes), Armstrong S235.
      • Apply adhesive with 1/16″ V notch trowel.
      • Adhesive is to be applied for no more than 1 sheet ahead of installation to prevent skinning over and loosing holding strength.
    • Spray adhesive- XL Brands Stix Essential-
      • Apply as directed on can.
      • Apply spray adhesive on the wall for up to 4 pieces of Renovate. Working open time for the adhesive is about 3 hours. Adhesive is to dry (15-30 minutes required) with no transfer to fingers before the material is installed.
  • The easiest installation method is for one individual to hold the top edge at the ceiling line and another person to install several staples to hold the material in place until it is fully unrolled down the wall.
  • Roll with a wall paper seam roller to assure full contact with the adhesive.
  • Install 2nd sheet and remaining sheets as the first sheet.
  • Wipe the seams with a damp cloth to remove any excess adhesive.
  • Staples may be removed from the trowel adhesive after 24 hours. The spray adhesive staples may be removed after 3-4 hours.
  • To remove any loose fibers, it is advisable to paint the seam line with primer and let The seam can then be lightly sanded to remove loose fibers to make the seam smoother.


  • Prime and paint– the seam will still be visible.
  • Install knockdown or texture — fabric texture and seam may be visible; recommend priming the Renovation prior to texturing.
  • To cover fabric texture and seam install a single layer of skim coat and lightly sand.
  • Install a double layer skim coat for a consistent smooth finish.


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