Soundstop at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

Blue Ridge Fiberboard received great feedback from a recent project at the Charlotte Motor Speedway! Soundstop is an eco-friendly, wood fiber sound deadening product that is ideally suited for application on walls, ceilings, and upstairs/downstairs soundproofing in homes and commercial buildings. To learn more about Soundstop and its sound deadening power, click here.

The SOUNDSTOP worked great! Better than advertised. We had an area of the speedway that used to be a noise torture chamber. We previously had concessions located in the area and had a hard time utilizing such a large open space that was covered and enclosed so close to the race track due to the noise. With SOUNDSTOP, we were able to construct walls in entry ways and walkways, essentially creating an envelope blocking off and reducing the sound dramatically. An area that once didn’t allow you to have a conversation was able to be converted into Dale Jr’s Whisky River with food, drinks, big screen TVs, mechanical bull, and a DJ. The area that previously was lucky to have 10 people at any one time now has hundreds, with thousands passing through to see the newest fan experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway!

Travis Menear
Director of Business Development
Charlotte Motor Speedway