SturdyBrace – Insulating Exterior Wall Sheathing

SturdyBrace® meets national codes for structural integrity.

SturdyBrace® Exterior Wall SheathingThe insulating exterior wall sheathing is competitively priced. You may bid with confidence year round.

SturdyBrace® improves the structural integrity of
homes and light commercial buildings and eliminates the need for corner bracing. SturdyBrace® meets codes for wind shear and seismic conditions. Check with code officials in your area.

Trapped moisture in exterior walls is caused by condensation and water leaks. This moisture can lead to mold growth and other water related problems. SturdyBrace® “breathes” permitting the moisture to escape into the outside air.

Mold experts recommend use of wall sheathing with a minimum ASTM permeability rating of 5. SturdyBrace®
rates more than 20.0 perms while OSB and plywood have permeability ratings of 2 and less than one respectively.

SturdyBrace® is an earth-friendly fiberboard made of recovered wood fibers interlaced and bonded with asphaltic binders for strength. It is easy to install and cuts with a knife, saving you time and money.

SturdyBrace® is available coated on one or six sides.

SturdyBrace® saves energy costs at a low cost per R-value. Our wall sheathing provides R-value of 1.3 per 1/2”, more than doubling the R-Values of OSB and gypsum sheathing.

*Building codes may require use of weather resistant barrier.

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